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About Us

What is Ting?
Ting is a new mobile phone service provider from Tucows. We want to bring clarity, usability and savings to
mobile users. The pricing is fair and honest. (If you use less, you pay less. If you use more, you simply pay more,
without penalties.) Data, voice and texts are billed separately. You get unlimited devices on a single plan. The site
is clear and usable. We have customer support people that are smart, accessible and empowered to help.


What’s not making sense?
The mobile phone experience includes a lot of confusion and powerlessness.
“I don’t know what plan I need.”
“I can’t track my usage or interpret my bill.”
“I can’t seem to find anyone who can help me.”
Mobile phone plans are littered with hidden fees, arbitrary rules and unnecessary premiums. Mobile phone
companies are unapproachable and inflexible. As a result, mobile phone users are overpaying and underserved.


What sort of coverage does Ting offer?
Ting’s wireless network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint Network through the United States.

What devices does Ting offer?

Ting offers a range of devices, including Android smartphones, data devices and basic feature phones. Customers
will need to buy a new device to get Ting service, but will not be locked into any contract.

Facts and figures:

435MB - the average amount of data an average smartphone user consumes per month (Q1, 2011). *
$0.08 (8¢) - The mean cost per megabyte of data used across existing mobile carriers (Q1, 2011). *
$0.02 (2¢) - The cost per megabyte of data used with Ting assuming XXL Megabytes plan.
$336 - The average amount Americans overpay per year on wireless bills. **
711 - The number of wireless minutes Americans estimate they use per month. **
651 - The actual number of wireless minutes Americans use per month. **
2,566 - The number of text messages Americans estimate they send per month. **
1,555 - The actual number of text messages Americans send per month. **

* Nielsen - Average U.S Smartphone Data Usage Up 89%
** BillShrink - Americans Overpay $336 a Year on Wireless Bills Due to Plan Confusion